Camera Panel Plus X


Camera Panel Plus X is a flexible, customizable, docking toolbar for Poser 8 and higher that allows you to easily and quickly switch cameras without having to fumble through camera menus. It can also be used as a compact alternative to the Camera Controls window.

It includes a TON of features, including appearance and layout options, mousewheel support for zooming/panning and/or rotating (with Mac support!), up to 500 camera presets per button, and ways to quickly zero out Dolly and Orbit values.

ON SALE for only $10.45 for a Limited Time!

Previous purchasers of Camera Panel Plus will receive this version at No Cost!  Check your email for an update notification.

Please Visit the Runtime DNA Store Page for a FULL list of all features!!!

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Thumbnail Designer

Thumbnail Designer is here!

Thumbnail Designer is a full-featured Poser script for Composing and Enhancing Poser Thumbnails. It features a Layers system that allows Text, a Symbol, a Border and/or a Background to be added to Thumbnails created via Rendering the Scene, the Last Rendered Image or to an Existing File. It also has the ability to Process an entire Folder of Thumbnails generated from Poser, enhancing them with the Layer System.

It can also BATCH RENDER a folder of thumbnails via the FREE Batch-Render Plug-In, also now available!

Includes a library of images that you may use royalty-free!? You can also import your own images easily.

Check it out!

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My Michelle

Full Featured and Ready to Dazzle your Runtime, Michelle is here!

She is a collaborative effort, presented to you by Runtime DNA, with a ton of great features, including, but not limited to:

  • Native Weight-Mapped Figure for Poser 9 and higher
  • Includes Standard-Rigged version for Poser 6 and higher and DAZ Studio
  • A Plethora of Head and Body Morphs are included
  • Realistic Moving Eyes
  • Optional JCM System
  • Easy to Use, Fun to Work With
  • Top-Notch Merchant Support
  • Developers who are Receptive to Feedback

Would you like to know more?

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MATWriter Panel 2012

Click to visit the product at RDNAThe newest sequel to the MATWriter line has arrived, MATWriter Panel 2012!

This product retains the functionality and core design principles of the previous entries but adds some great new features:

– Thumbnail Creation Toggle
– Background Thumbnail Rendering in the Pro Versions of Poser
– Material Memory Button for remembering Material Names (or parts of names)
– Brand new Color Dialog that updates in real time and also accepts HTML Hex Code.
– Material Utilities that allow you to Set Values and Colors across multiple Materials at once.
– Plugin architecture for future enhancements.
– Support (sharable) for Color Schemes.
– Fine Control over Tooltips.
– Major code rewrite to optimize and tweak all areas.
– and MORE!

MATWriter Panel 2012 is being offered exclusively at Runtime DNA. For consistency, the older MATWriter Panel is being removed from other venues. However, those who purchased it elsewhere are eligible for a FREE upgrade to MATWriter Panel 2012 (Upgrade Version). Details are available on the MATWriter Panel 2012 product page.

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HCS 2012 Add-On for Alyson 2

click to visit the product page?The newest Hair Conversion System Add-On (the 6th in the series) is here for Poser 9 (and Poser Pro 2012’s) Alyson 2!

This product also supports Blackhearted’s Anastasia character, available at Renderosity. ?Anastasia is featured in our promo images. ?Anastasia is 100% optional and is not required to use the Add-On.

This Add-On comes on the heels of a MASSIVE update to the Hair Conversion System Core, which is still 100% FREE?at Runtime DNA! This update makes the system easier to understand and navigate and provides many improvements in the areas of speed and presentation based on user feedback!

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HCS 2012 Add-On for Mavka

You asked for it, you got it!!!

The latest Hair Conversion System Add-On is now available at RDNA for Smay’s Mavka. ?I think you’ll be very pleased with the precision and accuracy of this product!

For Poser only, version 7 or higher! (The end results, hair conversions, can be used in other products).

Requires Hair Conversion System 2012, available at RDNA (FREE)
Requires Smay’s Mavka, available at Renderosity

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Texture Filtering Toy

(Click Image for Download via Runtime DNA’s Freebie Section)

FREE Add-On for Netherworks’ Scene Toy, available in the Runtime DNA store!

This add-on allows you to change the texture filtering on all image maps of all materials for all selected figures and props.

If you are on Poser 8 or Poser Pro 2010, your choices are: Off, Fast or Quality. In Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012, your choices will be: Off, Fast, Quality or Crisp.

Thanks for your patronage and Merry Christmas!!

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Scene Toy

PoserFile Scene Toy
(or simply Scene Toy) is a slim and flexible utility that gives you quick access to performing common operations on scene elements. It allows you to ease the burden of setting up scenes with a significant amount of conforming clothes and props and performs multiple operations at lightning fast speeds, across multiple selections.

It can perform the following operations on scene elements: Delete, Rename, Conform To, Magnetize, Parent To, change Visibility, Frame and Center (Poser 9+) and Select (a specific body part). Delete, Conform To, Magnetize, Parent To and Visibility can be applied to multiple selected items at once.

It has a native look and feel which can be customized via your own color settings and a slim, compact design that slides right into Poser’s native interface.

It also has the benefit of allowing you to perform these operations without having to search through huge menus for the right body part.

This utility handles:

  • Figures (including clothing and figure hair)
  • Props (including prop hair, smart props and standalone props)
  • Grouping Objects (Poser 9+)
  • Lights (.lt2)
  • Cameras (.cm2)
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PoserFile Save

PoserFile Save
is a Poser file correction utility… with a novel approach.

It allows Poser files to be saved correctly the first time, without requiring them to be manually corrected or run through batch utilities.

PoserFile Save works as an alternate save dialog from within Poser. It can be accessed via the Scripts menu, the python palette or via a docking utility panel (Poser 8 and higher).

It is rather intuitive and knows what to save and where to save it, based on what is selected in the scene. It remembers folders that you have used prior, such as figure, hair, prop, light, camera and geometry locations. When options are available, it asks the user what to do using familiar Poser-styled dialogs.

PoserFile Save also has several tricks up its sleeve, allowing you to save Super-Conforming clothing, save figures as clothing, and convert head props to prop hair.

This utility handles:

  • Standalone Figures (.cr2)
  • Conforming Clothing (.cr2)
  • Standalone Props (.pp2)
  • Smart Props (.pp2)
  • Prop Hair (.hr2)
  • Lights (.lt2)
  • Cameras (.cm2)
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FX Layers

FX Layers
is an easy-to-use system for adding special effects to your Poser renders… without leaving Poser!

It is designed to allow you to construct your own effects by using three parallel layer “Planes”, each of which can have color textures and effect transparencies applied.? The effects are basically stacked to be used as a building system.

FX Layers’ Material folders provide a step-by-step process for constructing effects:? Select an effect, select a color and then connect the nodes, all with Python-enhanced Material Files.

Enhanced Material files are also provided for performing extra tricks, such as increasing or reducing the Ambient “Glow” and changing the Opacity of the effects.

Each individual FX “Plane” can be rotated, scaled or moved easily and in fact, you can transform them in a variety of ways without leaving the “BODY” of the figure!? There are even dials to shuffle the planes by Translation or Scaling.

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